“We have a vision the Honor of All”

Since time immemorial, natural world architecture and ceremony have given human kind some vision, and power, into tomorrow. We honor the wisdom passed down through the ages, which serves to sustain and empower us all!

Mission Statement

 The Indigenous Studies Foundation is a catalyst for solution based programs and projects. As a diverse resource, we build bridges by developing and implementing a variety of programs based on community building and sustainable living practices. We gather ideas by learning from indigenous teachings, blended with advanced contemporary knowledge which promotes positive changes for people, the planet and sustainability.

Vision Statement

Our life affirming vision for the 21st century works toward creating a brighter future and an expanded awareness that promotes culture to culture exchanges.

Statement of Purpose

The indigenous Studies Foundation is a channel for unleashing the forces of ancient technology not commonly recognized, nor revered in modern times, but none the less critical in restoring balance to world.

We are continually building relationships with indigenous cultures at home and around the world. Through these friendships we gather insights and ideas that will inspire and empower elders, students, teachers, leaders and artists.