Our Goals

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the ISF. Education and actions based on Indigenous wisdom are our objectives.


Scope of Services
  • To provide fiscal sponsorship for projects in line with our mission. We currently serve as an umbrella organization for projects including, but not limited to, traditional ceremonies such as “The Honor Way” and support the creation of documentaries such as the teachings of Standing Elk.
  • To establish a culturally interactive community center here in Whatcom county, to share spirit of place, cultural experiences, language, art, and history. This will also serve as a template for other communities, so that we can learn from our local Tribal and First nations peoples as well as indigenous peoples world wide, and look seven generations into the future with agriculture, resources and sustainability.
  • To compile a directory of Elders, Artists, Teachers and Leaders who are willing to share their Skills, gifts and talents, from around the globe, available to inspire and educate about indigenous ways.
  • To create a K-12 curriculum for educators based on the indigenous teachings uncovered through our research. And to utilize the Time Immemorial Curriculum each currently being created by the 29 Tribes here in Washington State to educate communities about their local Tribal histories.
  • To present forums, seminars and workshops on topics of interest, as seen through an ancient lens. Community educational forums such as the Treaty Day Play “A Question of Respect” presented in 2000 are what inspired the formation of this Foundation.
  • To research, record and share indigenous traditions and teachings from around the globe.
  • To select candidates for scholarships to learn and maintain the old ways.
  • To sponsor elders, teachers, leaders and artists to share at conferences and other events.
  • To encourage and support talking circles within the community to facilitate communication and interaction with our Elders and Youth, and to learn from one another.
  • To assist in promoting events participated in by the indigenous peoples worldwide, such as Canoe Journeys, Peace and Dignity runners and the International Grandmothers conferences.
  • To develop and maintain an interactive website.
Executive Summary

The majority of our goals as a foundation can be accomplished with the human resources at hand, once funding is in place.

Our projects include: A Multi-Cultural Center – intended to provide a space for sharing multi-cultural ideas such as sustainable living,  traditions, music, art and history of the indigenous peoples worldwide through  community events – ceremonies – presentations – workshops and talking circles, all intended to be inclusive and participatory.

Our research will be on-going learning about indigenous teachings, we will be able to share all our findings through our website, and community events.

As a foundation and through fiscal sponsorship, we will be able to bring these important projects and ideas to fruition and continuously focus on education.

The Indigenous Studies Foundation is dedicated to inspiring all people to see the world through an ancient lens, focus that world view on our modern world and to restore our world to balance. As one of our early supporters, David Suzuki, stated: “if there is to be any hope for the future of this planet, we will have to look to the indigenous peoples, for they are the ones that have maintained their relationship with the earth.”